How Come I Didn’t See This Earlier?


Fantastically bizarre music video for Beach House’s “Wishes”. I’ve been on a Beach House Binge as of late, but only came across this when reviewing Pitchfork’s List of their Favorite Music Videos of 2013.




In being away from my college radio station life while abroad, I figured a good way to keep up with music while I was away would be to keep an eye on Pitchfork Media’s new album reviews and listen to some of their “Best New Album” picks. In doing so, I stumbled across this amazing band who recently came out with the album Love’s Crossing. Their sound is delicately robust with a mix of strings, chimes, and harmonic voices, weaving together in the most beautiful of ways. If you haven’t heard anything from them yet, hop to it immediately.

Joaquin Phoenix Decided to Get Back Into Acting and Thank Goodness For It


Joaquin Phoenix fell off the face of the earth a few years back in pursuit of a rap career, grew a huge gnarly beard, and just did his own thing. But the good news is, HE’S BACK! I am very interested to see how this movie will be. I really love the trailer but it also seems like a movie that could go either way: a quirky beautiful film or a disaster that completely misses the mark. Only time will tell.

Did I Forget To Mention I Saw (AND MET) Local Natives in Madrid Last Night?


Taylor and I

I have been studying in Madrid since September and had been determined to see a show before I left in December.  The most unfortunate hurdle in this quest was finding someone to go to a show with. I had met few people that liked the same bands as me in my program, and exhausted many options, such as reaching out to an old exchange student from Spain who also liked the Arctic Monkeys, but it was all in vain; nothing was working out.  Then, the best thing happened: I had a program excursion to Morocco, met a fellow student studying in Valencia who has the exact same taste in music and essentially became best friends (because that’s what music can do for people).  What happens next? She comes to visit me yesterday in Madrid and we see Local Natives as a local night club, Joy Eslava.  It is so difficult to express in words how amazing a night it was (and to assist, i will employ the “a picture’s worth a thousand words philosophy” and attach some photos of the evening).  Here are some highlights however:

– Being in the absolute front, standing against the center of the stage in this small venue, no gate to inhibit us

– Fantastic Australian opening band Cloud Culture

– Local Natives fumbling (though fairly successfully) through introductions in Spanish

– Hearing some of my absolute favorite songs, namely “Airplanes”, “Colombia”, “Sun Hands”, and “Breakers” though EVERY SONG WAS FANTASTIC

– Kelsey switching to the microphone right in front of me to perform “Columbia”, a song about his mother who recently passed away.  I teared up and I won’t deny it

– Taylor smiling at my friend and I as we give him a thumbs up about halfway through the set

– The band closing with a beautiful acoustic version of “Who Knows, Who Cares”

– Praying that Local Natives plays “Sun Hands” as their encore song, as it was basically meant to be an encore song, and them doing just that. It was the closest to moshing I’ve ever been.

– Taylor shaking my hand from stage and putting his guitar pick in my hand just before the group leaves the stage for the night.

– MEETING TAYLOR, RYAN, AND NICK AFTER THE PERFORMANCE. Snagged some signatures, photos, and got to chat a bit at the merch table.  My friend and I were instantly recognized as “the girls from the front!”. I also got to talk to the guys about how their performance more than made up for my rainy Gov Ball experience in June.

I had the night of my life

(Additional Note: The Zoom Function on my camera was not once used that evening)




The pedal board was just that close.





Sun Hands


My friend and I with Ryan